WordPress or custom webdesign, which is better?

Decide whether you want to create your your business a custom web design or use WordPress.

By Admin
Posted Date16 Dec 2019

People and businesses are on the Internet for information in this technical era. Businesses without websites are considered a waste of time today. Creating a new website is a timely method of long-term planning, decision-making, etc.

Since technology is improving time by time, it is now easy to design a website using WordPress without hiring a programmer. Yet custom templates can bring the website to a different extent. So which has to choose, a WordPress or a custom website? Find out which is a better choice for your business using this blog.


It is the most popular website creation tool. One can develop a website using a WordPress platform with basic web knowledge. You can create a pro website using WordPress in a short time.

Pros according to them  

  • Easy web design

As we discussed earlier, it is quite easy to create a new website using CMS, so that even someone without much knowledge of coding could create a page.

  • Easy update site content

The main advantage of WordPress is that it provides easy updates to web content. WordPress as a content management tool is efficient.

  • Availability of different plugins

We know why plugins are used; plugins are external software that is used to extend the characteristic of a property.

  • Templates and WordPress Updates.

As we know all system needs updates, this to fix the existing bugs & other security demands. WordPress and its plugins get fast updates for the same purpose.

  • SEO ready

There are WordPress plugins for your website's optimization.

Cons from users

  • Easy Design

Not as easy as they say. Said templates make it simple for development however template formats have confinements, also this may become an expensive task while modifying the templates.

  • Updations

They tell us that their models can be modified quickly, but they are not in reality. Updates are a little complex and can't be done alone with basic knowledge.

  • Availability of different templates.

Yes, different plugins are available but some of this is having major security flaws. These plugins are prone to software bugs, viruses, and hacking.

  • Templates and WordPress Updates

Plugin updates are available and trouble less, but WordPress recommends you back up the content and do the updation. This might be a time-consuming act.

  • SEO

Certain sub-elements can only be optimized. 100% of optimization of a WordPress site is not possible due to many aspects.

Custom Web Design

Presenting your business to a generation that is reliant on the Internet must be in a unique way. Since WordPress templates are available freely, people will choose it because we will always choose the easiest route with less effort. So there may occur a condition when multiple businesses with a similar template. To avoid a situation where multiple businesses with the same template always custom web design is the best option for preventing these circumstances.


  • Uniqueness

Your site will be unique and no other businesses will have the same template as yours. As we said before, this can give you a standout from the crowd.

  • SEO

The search engine optimization for custom web templates is more likely than templates.

  • Expansion

Custom designed websites are easily expandable in terms of functionality.

And there's a lot more.


  • Expensive & Time consuming

Since custom web design involves deep application and business knowledge, it may take longer to design according to the site's functionality or flow. Above all, you’ll get an authentic website with a unique design.

  • Time Consuming

Custom Web designing typically takes longer to build. Because it takes several steps to complete the development & numerous quality tests and a lot more to guarantee higher quality products. 

Final Words

Both are distinctive in various viewpoints. For personal blogging or any purpose-oriented businesses, the WordPress templates are excellent. But for big business Custom designed sites are always good. Because for the versatility and the accuracy in the flow of functionality.

We always recommend for a custom web design rather than templates. Despite the fact that it is a tough task we always do design from scratch.