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Icecube Wedding

Icecube wedding is a South India based company; head quartered in Kochi was established in 2010, started with the aim of creating weddings to a fantasy wedding feeling. With the enthusiastic team Icecube Wedding brings out the best in every wedding by incorporating solitary ideas along with cultural customs.

Our Approach

Our creative team designed their site that is image specifically. When a customer checks this site they will get a clear idea about the team Icecube Wedding from the pictures used in the site. Unique ideas were used that is visible in each and every part of the site. You can notice that difference even in the design of testimonial.


Sarga samvad

Sarga Samvad is an exciting platform envisioned by Agastya foundation in partnership with Oberoi Family Foundation an international NGO Headquartered in Bangalore. Innovative thinks from different fields like Scientists, Teachers, Artists conducts events like workshops, seminars, forum etc.

Our Approach

For Sarga Samvad more priority is given to videos as it’s an interactive site, so if someone visits this site he/she will have a tendency to remain there for some time because of the creative videos with less loading time.



Shilapakala is an Interior designing Company who has a wide service in districts of Kerala and headed in Kochi. Shilpakala Interiors is a highly professional interior designer with 25+ years of experience. Highly qualified and passionate interior designers who have their own unique style and context to design up your space in to a wonderful one weather it’s a home, flat or office.

Our Approach

For Shilpakala we have done a designing method that includes content & images both in same ratio. As the requirement of site was a little different because with pictures alone their service cannot be evaluated, rich content support also was required.



GSC is a South India based educational consultancy & also a leading student recruiter & overseas immigration promotions in India; The Company mainly focus on helping students who seeks admission for educational programs provided by famous institutions all over the world.

Our Approach

Our technically qualified team has developed this site in a manner that gives more importance to functionality. Because it’s an educational site, It requires functions more than design or image. A site that works finely is what GSC is.