Facebook Promotion Instagram Linked

Facebook reserves, featuring many options and prominent strategies for businesses to engage all their existing & new customers compared to any other Social Media Networks.

All Products and services (value added) in B2C, FMCG and all other consumer level, can brand and promote well in Facebook (Instagram Linked) across the world. Target optimisation and audience reach is more accurate and guaranteed in Facebook. Rest of other social media accounts, we do handle as part of the service "Online Reputation Management & PR" to retain the active presence in minor and also make use of whenever publishing mass media campaigns.

Professional management of FB pages is that indeed in regular basis, either doing paid and organic activities, and it must be a team work with conceptual approach and quality oriented work. We recommends to do recurring brand, industrial know-how, service featuring, greetings level communications and promotions in a scalable way in Facebook with respect to the industry and seasons. Facebook management service items are get customised to suit for each business; packages may inclusive of Signup & branding, Page likes, Post management (planning & schedule, design, content, post promotion), Advertisements etc.

We should initiative new opportunities and create trends in FB by releasing ad campaigns to escalate your business growth.

We have been serviced from Steps-On for our FB Page management and promotion for all Academic Seasons. Compared to all of our previous service provider's performance- their insights, higher practice and consulting resulted that worth.

Regional Marketing Head, London School of Business (LCBF)

Features of Service


FB Management System

Well defined FB service system and methods used in general, where post presentation, ideas must be uniquely formed to each business and clients. Post quantity, schedules etc may custom set as per type of audience or business and replicated to Instagram as well.


Unique Tools & Strategies

Idea formation, preparing content, regional messages, special attractive post design, branding, visitor reach and behaviour insights, referring profiles etc are part of this service. There are many unique practices being used in both organic and paid activities.


Ads and Campaigns

Different Types of FB advertising possibilities are customised to form more effective interactive promotional campaigns. It runs as separate service add-ons with special importance. Ad concept creation, design, approval, target optimisation, real time monitoring etc are the part of.