Artificial reality and virtual reality in Website Development

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is the recent and most interesting evolution of technology.

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Posted Date02 Sep 2019

Every time new techniques are being developed. In order to attain uniqueness in websites, designers embrace fresh techniques. Just look at the old and new websites, the difference can be easily clarified. By the time static websites have become dynamic and there have been many more changes. We are all striving to deliver the greatest internet experience. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is the recent and most interesting evolution of technology. The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality cloaks all the current developments and will quickly foster by providing its people the finest user experience.

Virtual Reality

Now how many of you will believe that the virtual reality was started in the 80’s? Yes, that's true, the virtual reality started in the 1980s. Jaron Lanier is the brain behind virtual reality.

In VR, people are taken into a virtual world. They are immersed in a totally forged world, moving their limbs and interacting as they would do in actual life with this setting. The pictures they see are completely diverge from the reality.

VR technologies are mainly used in cinemas for to enhance the audience experience. Also this technology is used in medical field for diagnosing diseases, anxiety etc. This can be a robust tool in healthcare and education.

Augmented Reality

Since the early 90s, when it was used to expedite airline pilots ' navigation, "augmented reality" has been around.

In AR, manufactured pictures are layered over reality–for instance, by using the camera of a Smartphone, consumers can see the true world around them, but they can also see generated pictures layered above their actual environments.

For example, AR technologies are used to develop a "virtual dressing room" in fashion retail or it can be used to designing your interiors, Users can point their own desktop or Smartphone camera and scroll through choices which are displayed on the screen.

In latest years, web developers have put AR into practice. They use Smartphone cameras or webcams to encourage consumers to communicate with products and services. For better client experience, many businesses or service providers have introduced AR or VR on their websites.

This can be considered as the two sides of a coin; both try to bestow greatest user experience. The technologies used by both are comparable.