Featured Services

Discover the real potential by consulting with us. Let us accelerate your business and help you to become successful in today's competitive internet industry.

Featured Services

All these business services either partially or fully relational (directly/indirectly)- helps to evaluate the performance, industry, competitors requirements and create additional opportunities. We do also manage your various Online subscription / accounts, web portals and mass media online campaigns. Few services & strategies must be mostly unique & innovative that are keeping private for our potential clients to succeed in competition.


Business Analysis & Consulting

Possibilities & Conditions has to evaluate at each level of your Business (because a proverb says that "all that glitters is not gold") with industry experts- not only the concept value, challenges, opportunities, ROI, etc - let everything are recommended.

To all web portals (virtual B2C/B2B business) either IoT linked or other - all conventional business analysis procedures, such as SWOT, competitor analysis, etc to be carry out. More importantly, we do provide business consulting including Naming (stunning, conceptual, trademark level, etc), Web Domain, Branding, initial & recurring overall cost investments, prioritises demands, the way of scaling matter of quality with testing; do instruct essentially required online resources, vendors, it's subscription etc. We also assist you to have exact marketing services which will not spoil your valuable investments.

Let you could proceed the way we defined at each levels. You can certainly undertake all such essential services in a single window/platform, as we have been doing all Web/IT/Digital services much better than others- that make sure you maximum results.


Online Resource Management

Followed by proper service consulting; Purchasing, management and renewal of Domains (TLDs/CLDs), Special Domains, Web Hosting and Server Administration (VPS / Cloud / dedicated), Business mail integration and management (Google Apps, Yahoo, Zoho,etc), SSL integrations (DV, OV, etc), Google Places/Map Registration, etc

We operate with multiple and multi-kind registrars, data centres and other category service providers for long years that offer flexible, economic and high-end expert solutions & services. Opting suitable web hosting plan / server for web portals or widely used websites (simultaneous visitor volume) - would require a detailed feasibility study as variant of requirements has to meet-up by the subscription, such as the compatibility with programming language, remote dbms/enterprise database, server control levels, bandwidth, bulk data storage permissions, ease of tech support from data centres etc. All other online resources are equally considerable above manner with adequate professional support, such as whenever initially purchasing, recurring management & termely renewal times.

We assigned dedicated and trained professionals in all this segment as it has to be taken care much importantly and to keep your online websites/portals to up and accessible all times. Issues such as renewal failure, exceeding bandwidth, mail downtime, incompatible issues etc has to taken care instantly. Our team work proactive to ensure not raise any issues by monitoring your online resources properly and inform about the necessary upgrade requirements as well time to time.


Portal Enhancement Programs

It is really meant for the existing entrepreneurs or investors those who already runs any web portals themselves and plans to maximise the revenue potential or even to generate. We act as a specialty action wing, equipped to take-up your business into more practice, customise the concept, platform, etc. We will make use mostly required powerful services in rapid manner consolidate. Be confident to have a final professional attempt to fulfil your plans, efforts & investments.

We may also do invest in your business little bit as a reward for when bringing innovative ideas, taken remarkable enterprise level challenges and wherever the refining/enhancement process cycle may consume extended time to result.


Ad campaign management

Publishing either a Facebook / Google Ad, even with approval, optimisation, interactive landing page and re-marketing mechanism are truly just an digital advertisement, and it is not meant as a "campaign". Regular online Advertisements cannot offer extensive advantages, compared to Ad Campaigns.

Let the expertise, work strategy, team, efforts, expenses, overall pre-planning, management and the benefits are different for Ad campaigns. Apart from regular digital ad technical approaches, Opting a noticeable concept, professional theming, ad design, adopting online channels, target optimisations, simultaneous organic promotional activities, frequent performance analysis, etc to carry out in mass manner in a short period of time. A starts to end ultimate committed monitoring and management with dedication - would require for the digital ad campaign success. Each Ad campaign might've changes, next time it republishes. We do professional mass media online ad campaigns, please review our work portfolio in this category.