Trends in mobile application development

Leading Mobile app technologies

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Posted Date26 Sep 2019

Change is the only thing that is constant. We have undergone many changes in each and every sector since the last few years. Mobile applications are the leading one. Mobile applications have constantly changed our life since past few years. There has been a constant evolution of mobile apps and devices where one has seen the emergence of new trends and the enhancement of existing ones. As the amount of mobile phone users multiplies more rapidly, so too is the amount of mobile apps.


  1. Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence

  2. Chatbots

  3. Wearable Apps

  4. Augmented and virtual reality

  5. Instant Apps

Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is a specific artificial intelligence method. Both Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning comes under Data Science. For any developer, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is not a strange thing. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning helps individuals and businesses to seize key goals, gain ideas that can be applied, drive critical decisions and generate interesting, new and innovative products and services.


Chatbot is one of the trending technologies in recent days. It promotes companies in establishing a healthy client relations. Users will begin a question as to which chatbots will initiate scanning and attempt to match keywords with the dataset in the question and give the response. ECommerce and Customer Service sector is the most prevalent sector where chatbots and AI are mostly used. Definitely, chatbots and AI add value to your mobile app, particularly with intelligence assistance acquired through AI. If you want to boost downloads of your mobile app and boost user engagement, you need to think smartly and differently.

Wearable Apps

Wearable technology is considered to be the next major innovation after smartphones. Wearable Technology has opened up a fresh mobile sector room and is expected to become as popular as smart phones. This revolution shifts long established patterns of how we use the information in our day to day life and social interaction.

Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented and Virtual reality is getting more potential in recent days. Devices like VR boxes, Headphones & commercial stores like fashion, interiors, etc. are implementing AR technology in their mobile application to ensure live view to their customers.  There are countless possible applications of augmented and virtual reality in different fields like Healthcare, Education, Industrial Design, Troubleshooting of Large Scale Manufacturing Systems, Social Media Applications, Virtual Reality Mobile Apps, etc. 

Instant Apps

Instant apps are latest android apps that assist boost your mobile app's download. We can test these apps for the first time without downloading it. Just sending the links through the play store, social networks and anywhere we can increase the involvement of your mobile application. These types of applications can increase your business.