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Web Branding

For any type of industry / business / organisations (either large established enterprises or SMEs) / online portals / IT enabled business; web branding is that important and foundational. New customers initially visits into website home page or to any specific product / service page directly; few others may also entry into our good written Blog or listen to Social Media Pages, eMailers, Ad Landing pages, Advertisements, etc.

Five dimensional brand planning and designing is essential to all web based elements (customer-business-creative-technical-marketing scene). Elements such as corporate websites, micro sites (specific product/service focussed), advertisements, ad landing pages, social media profiles & posts, etc has to be uniformly branded to the business betterment - it includes, logo, mnemonic, graphic design, theming, typography, business content development, interactive web design, stock photo selection or photo shoot, etc.

Google Adwords

Google Ads is one of the most targeted advertising method online helps to reach right people at right time, all performance are measurable, including ROI. The most important advantages of "Google Ads" over "Organic SEO" is the immediate impact - that the advertiser website start getting listed very instantly, while SEO requires certain time to show the result in top pages. This paid advertisements service has many methods to promote any business massive way (offer more brand awareness, visits & sales); either in the form of Google search text ad or Google partner site display ad (3rd party popular / prime news sites, relational knowledge portals / blogs) or altogether. Advertiser has to pay per click or pay per impression according to the dynamic cost set to each key terms or partner websites. Google Adwords also bringing an integrated feature of "Remarketing" that helps the advertiser to re-publish the ads for few more days using cookies (automated) to engage the customers.

Most type of Google Ad can setup & run by the promoters themselves. For higher ad performance (using limited budget), these Ads has to be managed by a team of experts. Keyword Planning, Effective Ad design, Ad Groups, Position Maintenance, Strategic Bidding, Budget Split, & Ad publishment, Quick Approval, Conversation tracking and alterations (regular inclusion / exclusions), etc to be performed. Get the ultimate advantage of being listed immediately, wherever the customers searching for your services on Google Search / Local Maps / YouTube / Mobile Apps and other Partner sites.


Independent online customer reviews, external reference, knowledgeable contents, press release etc are important to all business. All these targeted reputation development activities are inter-related with many brand exploration efforts such as web classifieds / directory submission, blog posting etc. Online Reputation, PR and Content Marketing service indirectly supports all other promotional & marketing activities in the manner of developing & safeguarding the reputation of a product or company. We have certain unique practices to overcome negative & fake reviews as part of this service.

There are many disciplines and activities are collectively performed gradually and it is a regular recurring service, thus by. Developing appropriate form of content in different verticals - such as blogs, QA, social networks etc are the base of this service. A team of experts in business analysis, content writing, IT technologies, etc are all together to build strategic plans and work, coordinate and review themselves to the final the outcome. A detailed report of effective activities with upcoming major work plans, submit for the clients review and implement upon the opinions.