Google Ads Management

Numerous type of information sources and knowledge reference platforms of Google, formed their monopoly in natural and also many recommendable promotional advertisement options to various business.

Google Ads is one of the most audience targetable advertising method online, helps to reach right people at right time, all performance are measurable, including ROI. The most important advantages of "Google Ads" over "Organic SEO" is the immediate impact - that the advertiser website ads start getting listed very instantly, while SEO requires certain time to show the result in top pages. This Google paid advertisements service has many methods to promote a business massive way (offer more brand awareness, visits & sales); either in the form of Google search text ad or Google partner site display ad (3rd party popular / prime news sites, relational knowledge portals / blogs) or Google Local Map Places or altogether. Advertiser has only to pay per click or pay per impression according to the dynamic cost set to each key terms or partner websites. Google Ads also bringing an integrated feature of "Re-marketing" that helps the advertiser to re-publish the ads to same visitors for few more days using cookies (automated) to engage them with the same ad (repeated reach).

Most type of Google Ad can setup & run by the promoters themselves. For higher ad performance (using limited budget), these Ads has to be managed by a team of professional experts. Keyword Planning, Effective Ad design, Ad Groups, Position Maintenance, Strategic Bidding, Budget Split, & Ad release, Quick Approval, Conversation tracking and alterations (regular inclusion / exclusions), etc to be performed. Technical part are carrying out by Google certified professionals itself. Get the ultimate advantage of being listed your brand / service immediately, wherever the customers searching for your services on Google Search / Local Maps and also browsing information on YouTube / Mobile Apps and other Partner sites.

Identifying ideal lead focused keywords than high competitive high CPC terms- do plays the key role of this service.

Part of online promotion and campaign management- Team Steps-[On] introduced us the Google Ads, that bring out the first orders to our new baby and mother care products online and can see visible progress in order quantity with the same initial budget. Thanks to the sincere efforts

Director (PAM Labs Ayurvedic)

Features of Service


Ad Type & Customization

Google offers different ad types and formats to choose from. We do identify most suitable ad types, formats respectively or collectively and optimize it as per the target and performance.


Periodic Look-up

While your valuable budget getting spent, daily performance look-up, weekly round-up team discussion and a monthly detailed analysis activities are built-in and also have a assured review meeting with the client.


Reformation Actions

We surely input four-fold times of additional efforts, whenever the campaign identified as less effective; to refine the pre-initiated ad concept, design, ad form etc. A sincere ad performance analysis, require optimization followed by.